#SafeAndSpooky: Preventing Haunted House Injuries


Haunted houses are not for the faint of heart. Cobwebs and fake blood coat the walls, chainsaw reverberations and ghoulish screams echo in the darkness, and terrors lurk around every corner. Still, fear-seekers flock to their local haunted house every Halloween season, looking for a great adrenaline-pumping scare.

Regardless of if you’re a haunted house veteran or a terrified newbie, be aware of the real dangers of haunted houses. It’s so easy to get caught up in excitement and fear, and forget that injuries can happen anywhere.

Haunted house injuries are uncommon. Often, they involve a patron tripping over a wire or prop, or running into an unmarked wall. When accidents do happen, though, they are often very scary, like the case of a teenager who almost died after becoming entangled in a prop noose.

Haunted House Dangers

  • Dark or dim lighting
  • Exposed nails or screws
  • Increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from fog machines
  • Loose props

In some cases, overzealous haunted house actors can cause injuries. In 2010 a woman sued Universal Studios Orlando after claiming that a haunted house character caused her physical harm. However, it’s usually the actors themselves who should look out! Many actors reported being punched by a panicked visitor, while others suffer from a sore throat from screaming at guests, dubbed “haunted house throat.”

Prepare to be scared

To prevent injuries in a haunted house, be prepared. You’re expected to realize that a haunted house is scary before you go in. Therefore, if you run into a wall because you’re running away from an actor in fear, the haunted house might not be liable for your injuries, as you should have anticipated your fear and panic. Try not to run in a haunted house, even if someone scares you. The houses are usually intentionally badly lit, and you’ll want to watch your step.

Similarly, be aware of the rules of the haunted house before entering. Are the actors allowed to touch you? Is there an exit somewhere in the middle of the house if you decide you want to leave? Know these things ahead of time.

Haunted houses are meant to be scary, but should not end with physical injuries! If you see something suspicious or dangerous, you should let someone know right away.


Haunted house owners want to get people through the house as quickly as possible to increase revenue. If a scary character jumps out in front of a group of people as they walk through the house, it’s likely to cause them to move backwards, which leads to congestion within the house. If someone is going to jump out at you, it will usually be toward the end of your group, not the front. So, if you want to avoid a monster in your face, it’s actually said to be better to walk at the front of the line! The person at the end of the line, though, might not be so lucky. No guarantees, though – remember, prepare to be scared!


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