#SafeAndSpooky: Halloween Costume Safety Tips

Dressing up for Halloween is a huge part of the fun. It gives children the opportunity to dress up as their favorite celebrity, TV or movie character, or timeless spooky creature, like a ghost or vampire. Plus, a stellar costume might win you some extra treats while going door-to-door! For people of all ages, Halloween costumes are a great way to get creative and pretend to be someone (or something!) else for the evening.

Still, Halloween costumes present their own risks if proper precautions aren’t followed. Here are some Halloween costume safety tips to consider this month.

 Safe Halloween Costume Tips

  • Only buy costumes from stores, or from trusted websites. If you order online from a strange website, you never know what you’re going to get!
  • Trick-or-treaters should be visible to motorists. Try to work reflective tape into your children’s costume, or have them carry a flashlight. If their costume requires wearing all dark colors, they can carry a white pillowcase to store their candy in. This will make them more visible to drivers and increases their safety while they trick-or-treat!
  • Make sure any accessories, like swords or wands, are soft and flexible.
  • Halloween costumes should fit well, and not drag on the ground.
  • Make sure your child is wearing comfortable shoes. High heels or big clown shoes might make the costume look great, but they can also lead to tripping and injuries.
  • Check to make sure costumes, including wigs or fake beards, are flame-resistance. There will be jack-o-lanterns and candles galore on Halloween, and a costume could easily brush against a flame. This is another reason to make sure the costume fits well!
  • Masks can block vision, so use face paint instead. If your child has to wear a mask, make sure it fits properly, doesn’t obscure their vision, and has good ventilation.
  • When using face paint or makeup, test it out a few days prior to Halloween. Put a little bit of it on your child’s arm, and look for any swelling or redness that could signify an allergic reaction. Be sure to get all the face paint or makeup washed off at the end of the night.
  • Don’t use novelty contacts! Only wear colored contacts if you have approval from an eye doctor. Novelty contacts can cause irritation, cornea damage, and even blindness.

Have fun & Be Safe this Halloween!


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