Garbage Truck Accidents

While they might be slow and stinky, garbage trucks can actually pose a bigger threat on the roads than sudden slowdowns or unpleasant odors. Like any other vehicles on the roads, they can be involved in serious accidents.

Trucking Accident Statistics

Trucks of all kinds are a common sight on roads throughout Florida and the entire United States. They are also involved in nearly 4,000 traffic accidents every year, according to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In 60% of these fatal accidents, the victim was the driver of the other vehicle. Truck drivers themselves only account for 17% of all fatalities. This is because trucks are larger and heavier than other vehicles, which means that occupants of smaller vehicles often sustain the most damage.

When it comes to accidents involving garbage trucks, the statistics are often the same. In fact, an accident involving a garbage truck recently occurred near Kissimmee, killing two people. The accident occurred when a garbage truck failed to stop for oncoming traffic and hit two other vehicles. Occupants of the two other vehicles were killed, but the garbage truck driver was unharmed.

What Causes Garbage Truck Accidents?

Like with other trucking accidents, distracted or drowsy driving often plays a role in garbage truck accidents. The size of the garbage trucks can also play a role; their large size can lead to blinds spots or difficulty with certain maneuvers, leading to an increased risk of accidents. Since garbage trucks are also often in crowded or residential areas, they also have a greater risk of collisions with bikes and pedestrians.

Who is Liable for a Garbage Truck Accident?

When someone is injured or killed in an accident involving a garbage truck, the blame could fall on a few different parties:

  • The truck driver
  • A private waste management company
  • A government entity
  • Truck manufacturer or maintainer

Like any other accident involving a truck, accidents involving garbage trucks can be very complicated. To help figure out your legal rights or who is at-fault for a garbage truck accident, consider consulting a trucking accident attorney!


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