Prepare for the Fair!

Is the air starting to smell like sugar and fried dough? Have you found yourself humming upbeat carousel tunes? If so, don’t be alarmed — these are only the effects of the state fair coming into town!

State fairs are time-honored American tradition, and each state celebrates the fair in their own unique way, from butter carving contests in Minnesota to stinkiest shoe competitions in Utah. Every state fair, though, no matter the location, provides a day full of stomach-dropping rides, fascinating attractions, and of course, deep-fried everything. The Florida State Fair, which runs this year from February 9th to 20th, is no different, although it does have the added bonus of near-perfect Florida weather.

Will you be headed toward to the Florida State Fair in the coming weeks? Here’s what you need to know:


  • Obey a ride’s restrictions. There might be restrictions against children under a certain age or height, people with medical conditions, or pregnant women. It’s disappointing to be turned away from a ride, but it’s for the best! A small child might slip out of a safety harness, or a person’s medical condition might be triggered by the speed or brightness of the ride. Restrictions are there to prevent such things from happening.
  • Pay attention to any rules. Don’t stand up while on a ride, wave your hands around, or lean over the sides.
  • Secure all loose items, including wallets, money, sunglasses, and phones. Don’t attempt to take pictures while on a ride. You might lose your phone, but even worse, it might injure someone else if it flies out of your hand.
  • Always use any safety equipment that is provided by the ride.


To Get Through the Day

  • In Florida, it’s likely to be hot, but that can change very quickly. Bring a light sweatshirt for evening wear, and consider bringing a poncho or raincoat in case of a sudden downpour.
  • Stay hydrated! Sodas and sports drinks might seem like a refreshing choice, but water is your best friend.
  • Wear good shoes for walking, preferably a type with closed-toes.

Staying Together

  • If you’re with a group, decide on a meeting place in case anyone gets separated.
  • Give children a wristband that has your number written on it. Teach children to look for a police officer or other official if they get lost. Have a conversation about what to do if someone approaches them or makes them uncomfortable.


  • It’s very tempting to eat all the funnel cakes and ice cream, but try to make healthy choices throughout the day. Bring a few small snacks of your own, like trail mix or an apple. Eating fried food might be delicious at the moment, but you’ll regret it later.
  • Wash your hand thoroughly before eating. After a day of riding rides, visiting petting zoos, and interaction with the crowd, your hands could be covered with germs

Be safe and have fun at the Florida State Fair!


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