Exploding E-Cigarette Creates Product Liability Issue

A video which was recently released by TBO shows a customer of a Shell gas station in Owensboro, Kentucky attempting to make a purchase when his E-cigarette literally explodes in his front pants’ pocket. The surveillance video captured the moment when Josh Hamilton was at the store counter purchasing snacks when, suddenly, and without warning, flames begin to shoot from his pants. Mr. Hamilton is then seen running outside of the store and removing his pants before a store employee uses a fire extinguisher to douse the fire. After being sprayed down by the store employee, Hamilton then went into a restroom to examine his burns before another customer drove him to the hospital. According to reports, Mr. Hamilton was diagnosed as having suffered second degree burns.

Although the technical cause of the explosion is not yet known, the video clearly gives rise to product liability concerns. Product liability cases allege that a particular good or product was negligently designed, negligently manufactured, or failed to provide an adequate warning or instructions. Examples of product liability cases are countless: the Ford Pinto had a fuel system that would explode in a relatively minor rear end collision. Chainsaws without kickback bars resulted in horrendous injuries. Christmas toys came with small parts that were easily swallowed by toddlers. Every year we have discovered that a drug or a food additive is causing sickness or death. Some auto airbags have been known to have deployed at the wrong times or to have deployed at excessive force.

These cases can often be both difficult and expensive to prove. So, whenever a defective product causes any injury, it is important to seek out a law firm with experience handling product liability cases. The lawyers at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes have been helping clients recover for their injuries caused by defective products since 1955. If you or a loved one have been injured and think that it may be due to a defective product, contact us about your potential product liability case.

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