3 Essential Things To Keep In Your Car

When thinking of emergency materials to keep in your car, your mind might immediately go to the worse case scenarios. You might think of packing a window breaker in case your car becomes submerged or extra food in case you get stranded on a rural back-road. Proper documentation is probably not something on your mind! But documentation is important in all situations, from getting pulled over to ending up in an accident.

What To Have

  • License and registration. If you’ve ever been pulled over, you know the importance of these papers! When they pull you over, the officer can run the license plate on your car through a database. This checks to see if you own the car. But they will likely still ask to see your license and registration to make sure the name matches the one in their database. Keep these things handy, like in your wallet or glovebox — fumbling around in your car will look suspicious if a police officer approaches. In the event of death or serious injury in a car accident, your license and registration information also helps identify you.
  • Insurance information. Like your license and registration, keep your insurance paperwork handy, too. After an accident, you’ll want to exchange insurance information with the other drivers.
  • Car repair information. If you’re an AAA member, make sure you carry your registration card. In the event of a breakdown or accident, members can call for help. If you don’t have an AAA membership, have the number of your auto repair shop or a local towing company. If you’re traveling, consider looking up some contact information for local repair shops in advance of your trip.

Where To Keep It

The best place to keep this information is in your glovebox. You can also keep smaller cards, like your license or AAA membership card, in your wallet. Keep all your documents organized, and always know where they are. Getting pulled over or exchanging insurance after an accident is stressful, but knowing where everything is will cut down on some of the pressure.


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