French Blogger Killed By Defective Whipped Cream Can

Is a dangerous product lurking in your home? Many recalls concern visible issues, like a dangerously tilted dresser or a food product with mold. But other times, a product’s defect isn’t visible at all. And that means that sometimes, the harm occurs before a consumer even realizes there’s an issue. This week’s death of a French lifestyle blogger highlights this scary reality.

Everyday Dangers

The woman, a popular Instagram photographer and blogger, was killed by a seemingly innocuous product: a can of whipped cream. Whipped cream cans usually contain nitrous oxide, which pressurizes the can. This keeps it foamy and delicious, and also prevents bacteria from thriving inside. But if anything goes wrong, the pressure can lead to explosion, causing parts of the can to become fast-moving projectiles. This is apparently exactly what happened to the woman in France. The canister exploded during use, and a part of the can hit her in the chest. She suffered cardiac arrest as a result, and died at a hospital the next day.

This is not the first tragedy involving a whipped cream can in France. According to a French magazine, at least two others fatalities have occurred since 2014.  There have been no known exploding can fatalities in the United States.

In life, the woman shared her beautiful and inspiring pictures with the world. Now her grieving family hopes to use her death to save other lives. They urge others to stop using the product, and want to raise awareness about the danger of a simple, everyday product.


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