St. Petersburg Crossing Guard Killed

St. Petersburg Florida Pedestrian Accident


Thanks to a reckless driver, children at St. Petersburg’s Mount Vernon elementary school will see one less friendly face while walking to school this morning. A beloved crossing guard, 73-year-old David Roundtree, was killed yesterday afternoon. At the time of the accident, he was setting up traffic cones, preparing for another day of seeing children safely across the streets.

The driver hit another car, school zone sign, and a tree, along with striking and killing Mr. Roundtree. He is under arrest for charges of DUI manslaughter. While he was not under the influence of alcohol, police say it appeared as if he was under the influence of another type of illegal substance, potentially marijuana.

Mr. Roundtree was a crossing guard at the school for three years, and was well-liked and respected by everyone who knew him. Though many of us see crossing guards every day, they often go unnoticed and appreciated. However, they are doing our students an incredible service by helping kids safely cross streets every day. Unfortunately, Mr. Roundtree’s death shows that not everyone obeys school zones speed limits or drives safely around children. Dedicated crossing guards like Mr. Roundtree work to protect our area’s children from these types of reckless drivers.

As his coworkers, friends, and family mourn his death, you can do your part to help crossing guards everywhere. Drive carefully in school zones, and look out for all types of pedestrians.


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