Creepy Clowns in Tampa Bay!

On Halloween, you might not be concerned to see someone roaming the streets in a terrifying clown costume. But with Halloween a month away, and reports of creepy clowns popping up across the country, people are getting worried.

Clowns everywhere!

The creepy clowns reportedly began first appearing in Wisconsin in early August, when a Facebook page began fueling rumors of clown sightings. The man behind the Facebook page quickly came forward, explaining that it was a promotion for an upcoming film. Since then, the clown sightings have spread, often with little explanation of where they are coming from. Since then, creepy clowns have been spotted in various states, from Colorado to South Carolina.

In some of these cases, the clowns have acted with malicious intent, like trying to lure children into the woods in South Carolina, or attacking a woman in Ohio.  A teenager was fatally stabbed following an altercation with someone in a clown mask in Pennsylvania. In other cases, the clown sightings have been proven to be false.

Now, the clown sightings have crept toward Tampa Bay

A high school student in Largo says that she was chased by a clown at her bus stop. Following a threat on Twitter, schools is Pasco county were placed on an “alert campus” mode. Students and parents are urged to be extra careful, and to report any suspicious behavior.

Remind your children that they should always be careful when walking alone and never approach strangers. Be sure your older kids know that it’s not okay to post threats on social media. Even jokes are taken very seriously, and could lead to arrest or school discipline. And remember: in Florida, it’s actually illegal to wear a mask with the intention of harassing someone!

Prank or threat?

Either way, the country is taking them seriously. At the worst, the clowns are a true danger. Even at best, they are still bringing unnecessary fear and distraction into people’s lives. Hopefully, we will see an end of the creepy clowns soon — or at least an explanation.


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