Business Interruption Insurance for COVID-19: How We Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship and unprecedented changes for people from all walks of life—including business owners. If you’re a business owner, restrictions and shutdowns may have forced you to severely limit your business’s operations or even shut your doors entirely. While many businesses temporarily closed for the safety of their communities, slowdowns and closures have still had a massive financial impact on many business owners. Like many business owners around the United States, you may be dealing with huge financial losses, interruption to your day-to-day activities, or other hardships associated with COVID-19 closures.

Helping our Community Through COVID-19

While our focus is personal injury law, our law firm has been part of our community since 1955, and we want to do our part to help out many of the stores, restaurants, and other businesses in our area—by informing business owners about how their insurance coverage could help them get through the hardships of COVID-19.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover COVID-19 Interruptions?

Many business owners may not realize that they could have insurance coverage to help them cover the losses they’ve experienced due to COVID-19.  Your business insurance policy may include a provision called business interruption insurance. In fact, your business may have been paying a premium for this coverage for years without ever realizing what it was for!

Unfortunately, this means that business owners might rely on their insurance company for guidance during COVID-19, and may not be told about the full extent of their coverage. Before you turn to your insurance company, here is what you need to know about the different types of business interruption service.

Types of Business Interruption Insurance

A business policy’s coverage of damages due to COVID-19 will come down to the insurer’s specific policy language, including various coverages and exclusions. However, there are four types of coverage that could be available and may help you recoup your losses:

  1. Business Income Coverage– Pays for loss of business income due to necessary suspension of normal business operations.
  2. Civil Authority Coverage– An additional coverage, which pays for losses caused by actions taken by civil authority that limits or precludes access to the area surrounding your business.
  3. Dependent Property Coverage– An additional coverage that pays for losses arising from the shutdown of operations of another business, such as suppliers, retailers or other companies.
  4. Extra Expense Coverage– An additional coverage that pays for expenses incurred to restore your business operations or to avoid/minimize the suspension of business operations.

Contact Us

We know this is a confusing and challenging time for many people, and that as a business owner, you may still have questions about how to proceed with losses due to COVID-19. That is why we are offering a free review of your business insurance policy. We will determine if there are coverages on your policy that can help your business. If you are covered by business interruption insurance, we can see you through the process of filing your claim. As always, there are no costs or fees unless we win your case for you.


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