Clearwater Red Light Cameras May Be Here to Stay

Red light cameras have been under scrutiny since the beginning; so it comes as no surprise that cities like St. Petersburg, Kenneth City, and Brooksville, have altogether done away with the practice of catching red light runners via traffic cameras. Clearwater on the other hand, wants to hold on to the few cameras is does have.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, “Clearwater’s elected officials are being forced to make a decision. Should they kill the camera program, expand it, adjust it or keep it the same?” The program has faced a lot of scrutiny in the courts due to the alleged “illegal outsourcing” of authority to issue red light cameral violations.

However, the City of Clearwater is prepared to take on the entire program and hire part-time staff, in-house, to take over investigating the red light camera violations and issuing the citations directly (instead of going through a for-profit-third-party).

As drivers we have to be aware of these cameras, to not only avoid committing a traffic violation, but we also have to be alert of driver’s around us that may make a sudden stop in order to avoid going through a red light camera intersection. Drivers that might normally cruise through and intersection on a yellow light, may make an abrupt stop to avoid a ticket, which could result in a rear-end collision.

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