How A Chip Bag Is Promoting Safe Driving

Chips For A Good Cause

Super Bowl Sunday is all about football, of course! But everyone knows it’s also an excuse for drinking alcohol and eating tons of unhealthy snacks. Popular chip company Tostitos knows this, too. That’s why they’ve unveiled a high-tech new bag to prevent drunk driving after the Super Bowl!

In a partnership with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Tostitos released a special alcohol sensor bag. The front of the bag detects alcohol in a person’s breath, though it doesn’t identify their exact blood alcohol content level, like a real breathalyzer would. If no alcohol is detected, the front of the bag lights up green. But if someone has been drinking, the bag flashes a red warning against drinking and driving. Plus, it even presents an Uber discount code. How nifty is that?!

The bags won’t actually be available to the public. However, Tostitos is giving out Uber discount codes to anyone who purchases a bag of their chips before February 5th.  Even more importantly, they’re sparking necessary discussion about drunk driving at the Super Bowl. Considering that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the “drunkest days” in the United States, it’s a very important conversation. Even before the big game, everyone should have a conversation (maybe over a bag of tasty chips!) about plans for watching the game. It’s important to make Uber plans or designate a sober driver in advance, because once the game starts, who knows what will happen?

We’re thankful for companies like Tostitos and Uber who use their brand influence to promote safe driving! Like these companies, think about what YOU can do to keep the roads safe during the Super Bowl.


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