#SafeAndSpooky: Drunk Driving on Halloween

What’s scarier than ghosts and vampires? The statistics on Halloween accidents!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Halloween is one of the top three days of the year for pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Children are four times more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween. Between 1999 and 2015, 115 young pedestrians were killed on Halloween, with most accidents occurring between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM. This time of night is particularly dangerous , as children will be out trick-of-treating and adults will be headed off to parties.

On Halloween, everyone just wants to enjoy fun costumes, spooky sights, and delicious candy. By being a responsible driver, you can prevent an accident that could wreck someone’s Halloween.

Drunk Driving Prevention Tips

  • Do not talk on your cell phone or text while driving. You shouldn’t text and drive ever, but on busy nights like Halloween, being alert is especially important. Rummaging through your kid’s candy or checking out your neighborhood’s Halloween décor can lead to distracted driving, too.
  • Remember that kids might not always cross at crosswalks. Halloween is an exciting time, and children might dart across streets or between cars. While it’s important to teach kids about proper pedestrian safety, drivers should be responsible, too, and be aware of the children in the area.
  • Before passing another car on the street, make sure that they are not dropping off children.
  • Drive slowly in neighborhoods. You should always follow the reduced speed limit in neighborhoods. Even when it’s not Halloween, since children could be playing in the streets.
  • And obviously, don’t drink and drive! If you plan on enjoying an adult Halloween treat, arrange in advance for a sober friend or Uber to get you home. Adults can enjoy Halloween, too, but remember: one reckless decision can impact and destroy lives.

For pedestrians:

  • Make sure your child wears protective clothing while trick-or-treating. Have them carry a flashlight.
  • Remind children to be safe while out at night, and to cross at crosswalks. If you are going out with them, set a responsible example.
  • If your children are going to be trick-or-treating alone, make sure they follow a pre-determined route.

Don’t let an accident become the scariest part of Halloween!


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