#RecallRoundup: April 2017

Welcome To The April 2017 Recall Roundup

Now that the month is almost over, it’s time for the April 2017 Recall Roundup! From vegetarian meat to tea tumblers to potentially poisonous baby teeth tablets, this month was filled with some unique recalls. Let’s take a look!

Undeclared Allergens!

In April, undeclared allergens were a big theme. For people with allergies, all food needs to be properly labeled. When a common allergen, like milk, eggs, peanuts, or soy goes unlisted, it causes serious health problems for people with allergies. In April 2017, some products with undeclared allergens include:

Plus, it gets worse for people with food allergies! EpiPen, manufactured by Mylan, also issued a recall on their auto-injector EpiPens due to a defective part. The company says any current EpiPens are still suitable for use, but users should contact their pharmacy to get a replacement.


It’s not very often that you see a Tesla cruising down your street, and this month, that just might be a good thing! Two 2016 models, S and X, were recalled due to braking issues. Kia, a more common brand of car, also had two recalls, affecting the Sorento and Sportage.

In the motorhomes and trailers world, Forest River, Tiffin, and Gulf Stream all experienced recalls in April 2017.

And for those who can’t drive, but still like to get around in style . . . Razor recalled 15,000 Ripstick scooters over a fall hazard, so watch out!


Tea tumblers, baby teeth tablets, and sexual performance enhancers shouldn’t have anything in common! But this month, they do! The tumblers, from Teavana, are a potentially burn hazard, while the baby teeth tablets, manufactured by Hyland, contain inconsistent amounts of belladonna alkaloids.  Belladonna alkaloids belong to the barbiturate group of drugs, and are probably not something you want a baby exposed to. The sexual enhancing supplements, manufactured by Organic Herbal Supply, were dangerous enough to warrant a warning from the Food and Drug Administration. They can cause heart problems, stroke, or changes in blood pressure.

If you own any of these food or products, check with the manufacturer or place of purchase. They can tell you what to do next. For more resources, and a complete list of recalls, visit the website of the FDA or check out our past blog on handling a product recall.


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