Even Unique Forms of Transportation Can Lead to Accidents

Cars, motorcycles, buses, bikes, trains, and planes. These are probably things that spring to mind when you think about common types of transportation. But along with these conventional means of transportation, there are many interesting alternatives, from hoverboards to hot air balloons. Transportation alternatives like these are more unique that cars and other everyday vehicles, but they can still lead to dangerous accidents.

Airboat Accident in South Florida

Two recent accidents exemplify this idea. The first accident took place in Brevard County and involved a type of transportation often seen in Florida: an airboat. Often used for tourism, an airboat is a boat with an engine from a plane or car.

The accident occurred when a fast-moving airboat  tipped over, sending the four passengers into the murky, alligator-filled water. Two passengers were rescued, but the two others could not be found in the aftermath of the accident. Their bodies were found several hours later.

This isn’t the first airboat-related accident in South Florida. Earlier this year, a recent University of Miami graduate was killed on an airboat tour in the Everglades. In 2016, a passenger on an airboat suffered injuries that led to the amputation of his arm. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, 31 out of 714 accidents in 2016 involved an airboat.

Go-Kart Crash in Zephyrhills

The second Florida accident also involves another mode of transportation  often used for fun. The accident involved a go-kart, a small and lightweight vehicle often used for racing and recreation. The go-kart’s driver, a 27-year-old man, was driving on the road in Zephyrhills on Sunday night when another vehicle struck him from behind, sending him off the road. The go-kart driver later died from his injuries. The circumstances of this accident are still under investigation, but since go-karts are small and the accident took place at night, it’s likely that the other driver, for whatever reason, did not see the go-kart.

These Florida accidents remind us that an accident can involve any kind of transportation. Whether you’re driving in a car, riding the bus, taking an airboat ride, or racing a go-kart, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and others, and to always obey the rules. Transportation doesn’t have to be conventional, but however you choose to travel, always stay safe!


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