3 Questions to Ask at an Attorney Consultation

If you want to seek justice and compensation after you’ve been involved in an accident or suffered an injury, finding a personal injury attorney is an important step of the process. However, if you’ve never hired a personal injury attorney before, it can be daunting. Luckily, many personal injury attorneys offer free attorney consultation, where you have the chance to make sure they’re the right fit for your case. At a personal injury attorney consultation, here are three questions you should ask your potential attorney.

What is Their Experience?

You might want to ask how long an attorney has been with their law firm or where they went to law school. You can also ask if they’ve handled cases similar to yours. While all personal injury cases are different, it will be helpful to know if they’ve handled cases like yours before—and if they were successful in those similar cases. For example, if you have a product liability case and an attorney only has experience with boating accident, then they might not be the best fit for your case.

Who Will Work on my Case?

Many personal injury attorneys have associate attorneys, paralegals, or legal assistants with assist with their casework. During the consultation, find out who will be handling the details of your case. You should also ask who will be your point-of-contact during your case, who you can expect to hear updates from, and how often you will be updated on your case. Questions like these are a way to find out an attorney’s communication style and to make sure you’re receive the amount of updates you desire about your case.

What About Fees?

Many personal attorneys use contingency fees, or “no pay unless we win” fees. Occasionally, others may work on an hourly basis or a flat fee. Find out more information about an attorney’s fee structure in the initial consultation, and be sure to ask about any other costs that could arise to make sure you’re aware and prepared.

Be Prepared!

During a free consultation, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your personal injury attorney will play a key role in your case and you want to make sure that they—and their support staff—are experienced and have a communication style that works with your needs and preferences.


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