Motorcycle Parking Laws in Florida

With nearly 650,000 registered motorcycles as of 2021, Florida is second only to California in terms of the number of registered motorcycles in the state. 

All of these Florida bikes need a place to park. Although motorcycles offer riders flexibility and mobility while on the road, they also face restrictions when it’s time to park. Many of these laws are designed to avoid motorcycle accidents and other collisions.

How Florida Law Treats Motorcycles

Even though motorcycles are different from passenger cars and commercial trucks in many regards, these vehicles are treated similarly under the law. Under Florida law, motorcycles are considered motor vehicles and are subject to many of the same laws and restrictions as other motor vehicles.

No Parking on Sidewalks or Crosswalks

Motorcycles cannot park along a sidewalk. Bicycles and some small scooters may park on the sidewalk outside of business establishments, but motorcycles are prohibited from doing so. Parking your motorcycle on a sidewalk is a surefire way to receive a parking ticket. The authorities may also tow your motorcycle.

Similarly, crosswalks are off-limits for motorcycle parking. It doesn’t matter whether your bike is partly or wholly in the crosswalk, or if it is or isn’t obstructing pedestrians trying to use the crosswalk.

Motorcycles Cannot Park Next to Cars on the Street

Busy streets with crowded curbside parking spaces can be a hassle, especially if you have somewhere you need to be. It can be tempting to park alongside the driver’s side of another car, especially if there’s plenty of room. This, too, is illegal and can result in a parking ticket or a tow.

If you want to park curbside, you must find a space that allows you to safely park adjacent to the curb without blocking other cars parked in front of or behind you.

Exception for Directions Given by Law Enforcement

There are exceptions to the laws mentioned above. If a law enforcement officer directs you to park in one of these otherwise prohibited places, you can do so. You’re also allowed to park in these normally off-limits places if a traffic control device directs you to do it.

Before parking and leaving your motorcycle, it’s best to confirm with the law enforcement officer to make sure you understand their instructions to park in that location.

Private Restrictions on Motorcycle Parking

You should also be aware that some private parking lots and parking garages may impose their own restrictions on motorcycles. You may encounter this on college campuses or in parking lots owned and operated by private companies for their employees and customers. 

The owner of the private lot or garage can enforce any such restriction. If you park in a spot where they do not allow motorcycles, the owner could have your motorcycle towed or assess some other penalty.

Park Your Motorcycle Safely to Avoid Accidents

Motorcycles belong to a class of vehicles that is distinct from other wheeled vehicles. However, if you treat your bike as you would a car when it comes to parking, you’ll likely avoid many of the prohibitions and restrictions that can lead to tickets and tows.

Many of these laws are in place to avoid motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents. You should also remember to pay attention to signs that restrict motorcycle parking in parking garages and private lots. Though you might not get a ticket, your motorcycle could still get towed away, or you could face other consequences.

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