Is It Possible to File a Personal Injury Claim Without a Police Report in Florida?

In many cases, police accident reports serve as powerful pieces of evidence to corroborate the victim’s account of events. 

However, some claimants are unable to secure a police report. This may happen when the police do not report to the scene of an accident. In other cases, victims are simply unable to access their accident reports. 

If you are hoping to file a personal injury claim, it is best to secure a police report. Speak with a personal injury attorney if you are unable to access this important document.

Florida Requirements for Long-Form Car Accident Reports

Many Florida car accident victims wonder whether they can file a personal injury claim without a police report. 

In most cases, car crash victims are legally required to contact the police following an accident. 

According to Florida state law, long-form police reports are required if any of the following circumstances apply to a traffic collision:

  • One of the drivers seems to be intoxicated
  • A vehicle must be towed from the accident scene
  • An involved party complains of discomfort or physical pain
  • The collision results in a fatality at the scene
  • A commercial motor vehicle was involved

Any of the parties involved in the crash can file the required report. Make sure to contact a local law enforcement agency in the aftermath of a traffic accident to report the incident.

Can I File a Car Accident Claim Without a Police Report in Florida?

In some circumstances, victims have the option of filing a claim with an insurance provider without a police report. However, this is not advisable. 

If possible, you should obtain a copy of the police accident report

These reports typically contain the following information:

  • Names and contact information of involved drivers
  • Makes and models of vehicles
  • Date, time, and location of the crash
  • Names of the reporting officer or officers
  • Eyewitness names, contact information, and statements

Many insurance providers will not allow claimants to file without a police accident report. If you do not agree with the police report, speak with a car accident attorney to contest the unfavorable report with counterevidence.

Without a traffic accident report, the other party may make false claims in an attempt to hold you responsible for the crash. Do not let this happen to you.

Police Reports in Slip and Fall Accident Claims

If you have sustained an injury from a falling accident, you will not need a police accident report. Slip and trip accident claims usually fall under premises liability law.

This means that the liable party is the negligent property owner whose carelessness caused the incident. While a police report is not required in these cases, a victim should still gather all the information possible about the circumstances of their accident. 

This may include:

  • Photos of the scene
  • Witness names and contact information
  • Available surveillance footage

Make sure to consult a knowledgeable legal professional in Florida to build the strongest case possible in your favor. This will give you the highest chance of recovering the financial compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.

How to File a Florida Personal Injury Claim With No Police Report

If you are unable to secure a copy of the police accident report, check to see if the relevant insurance company will still accept a claim. If it will, you may have to provide the information that would have been present on your accident report.

Beyond the information mentioned above, you may need to provide the insurance company with:

  • The vehicles’ license plate numbers
  • Detailed descriptions of resulting injuries
  • Accounts of resulting vehicular and property damage
  • Weather conditions at the time of the crash
  • Insurance information for drivers other than the policyholder
  • Relevant external factors contributing to the accident

You should offer the insurance representative any other information that might bolster your claim. However, be wary of negotiating with an insurance company representative without the guidance of a skilled personal injury lawyer. Many adjusters will attempt to manipulate you into devaluing your claim.

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