Allstate Worst Insurance Company For Consumers

Insurance companies can play a very important role in the lives of injury victims. For example, perhaps you’ve been hurt in a car accident. Florida is currently a no-fault state. That means you could seek compensation for your losses (such as medical bills and lost wages) by filing a claim with your own insurance. Your own insurer is responsible for compensating you, even if someone else caused your accident.

There are also instances when an insurance company may compensate you when you’re not a customer of said company. For instance, you might be involved in a slip and fall accident at a store after an item falls to the ground. If an employee should have noticed and addressed this hazard by the time your accident occurred, you could file a claim to collect compensation from the business owner’s insurance.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always willing to pay claimants what they deserve. Instead, to protect themselves financially, insurers have been known to deny claims or offer unreasonably low settlement amounts.

Some insurers do right by their customers. That said, you should be aware that certain insurance companies have worse reputations than others.

Allstate Consistently Found to Be Least Customer-Friendly Insurance Company

The American Association for Justice looks out for the rights of claimants and accident victims in the U.S. The AAJ pursues its goals in various ways. For example, the AAJ investigates insurance companies to determine which are most reliable from a consumer’s perspective.

The AAJ has found that Allstate is the least reliable insurance company in the US. The following are key reasons why:

  • Allstate has partnered with consulting firms for the specific purpose of determining how to convince claimants to accept the lowest settlement offers possible.
  • Allstate has a tendency to fight back when claimants don’t accept the company’s immediate offers.
  • There is evidence to suggest that Allstate’s adjusters have been given bonuses when they reduce claims payments. More significantly, evidence indicates adjusters have been encouraged to lie or engage in otherwise deceptive tactics to convince victims their claims are worth less than what they are asking for.

Be aware that the AAJ is not the only organization to have given Allstate a low consumer-friendliness rating. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners monitors how many complaints various insurance companies receive over the course of a given year. Their records indicate that Allstate consistently receives many more complaints than its competitors.

Allstate’s shady practices have resulted in the company having to pay the highest fine in Maryland history. It was discovered that Allstate was raising premiums and altering policy terms without alerting its customers. This meant the company was overcharging homeowners. Because of this, Allstate had to pay upwards of $70 million in fines.

That’s just one example. It has also been determined that Allstate improperly denied property insurance claims from many who had lost their homes or businesses during Hurricane Katrina.

Help is Available When Allstate Won’t Pay

Unfortunately, companies such as Allstate don’t always have the best interests of the consumer in mind. Since Allstate is a major insurer, you may have to deal with them one day. 

If you do, there’s a good chance the company will offer less than you deserve. An adjuster might even seek reasons to justify denying your claim entirely.

You need to be prepared for this possibility. You should review your case with an attorney. If you hire a lawyer, you will have someone on your side who knows how companies such as Allstate attempt to defend themselves financially.